My Stonehaven Vessel series are inspired by rocks found on Stonehaven beach in Aberdeenshire. I have used moulds previously made for my Stonehaven collection that were no longer being used, and made one half of the vessel and joined the other half by using slip. I have then made an opening in the top of the Vessel and added a tall neck. 


These pieces are one of a kind and no two are the same, I have numbered the underside of the piece and stamped with my makers mark. They are glazed in a white crackle glaze contrasting with the darker speckled clay under it. I believe the crackle glaze feels organic and fits well with the pieces. Each crack, each line is different on each vessel and it is so exciting to see them come out the kiln. I have glazed the interior in a transparent glaze. 


The pieces come in small and large and use the same sort of mould as the one I have used for my Stonehaven plate and bowl.  They are decorative pieces that can hold a few flowers/ dried flowers as seen in some of the photos.


Natural and tactile Vessels inspired by the Scottish coast and handmade in Ayrshire, Scotland. Each piece will come with a little postcard explaining a little about the process. 


As each one is handmade, you will see marks from the process and no two will be exactly the same. 



Stonehaven Vessel Series

  • Small;

    Height - 19.5cm 


    Height - 27cm