My Stonehaven collection is inspired by rocks at Stonehaven Beach on the coastal trail between Aberdeen and Dundee. I created and designed this collection while I was in my fourth year at Grays School of Art. Stonehaven was a place I regularly visited when at university. When I was looking for a subject to base my final year project on I struggled at first. So I took myself out of the studio and started to drive down the coastal route between Aberdeen and Dundee and stopped off at Stonehaven first. I knew I wanted to do ceramics so I started studying natural objects such as stones, seaweed, shells and anything you could pick up on the beach front. 


The beach is full of rocks, pebbles and sea glass all of various colours and shapes. It was somewhere I would go to take rubbings, colour samples and textures. I would walk up and down the beach front photographing stones, the sea and the beautiful surroundings. 

The shapes and textures of the various amounts of stones I photographed fascinated me, so I aimed to try and make a ceramic pieces which are inspired by stones and their surroundings. Doing many tests and trials, I came up with a way in which I can replicate the exact stone I find and I am able to retain its shape and texture onto my ceramic piece. 

Within the Stonehaven collection I have a Plate, Bowl and smaller plate. Each of these have a stone which they related to. I am expanding this collection to feature two small soap-dishes. I aim to go back to the locations that inspired me at University and to continue expanding my collections.

Each piece is hand pressed by myself, creating a completely unique and natural form. Not one piece is identical and marks of the process can be different on each piece. 

All images are copyright to Hannah Spicer © 2020 and may not be reproduced.

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