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  • Two different shaped soap-dishes inspired and created from two rocks found at the Holy Loch in Dunoon, Scotland. 


    The soap-dishes are hand-pressed from moulds. Using the mould allows me to retain the organic shape and texture from the rock. Each piece will vary slightly in shape and where glaze is applied, making each one of a kind. 


    The soap-dish in the first three photos is the 'round' shaped soap-dish, and the soap-dish in following photos is the 'rocky' soap-dish. Both soap-dishes are bigger than the 'Stonehaven' soap-dishes and are good size for a larger sink space or on the edge of a sink or on your shower tray/bath. 


    Both soap-dishes are glazed in a greeny/ blue glaze with both matte and shiny marks. They each have three drainage holes and on the underside of the dish shows "Holy Loch, Argyll" as with all my rock collection pieces. No two will be the exact same and each one unique. 


    Each piece comes with a postcard explaining a little about my technique, making them perfect gifts for your loved ones. 

    Holy Loch soap-dishes

    • Approx dimensions


      Length - 15cm 

      Width - 12.5cm 

      Height - 4cm 



      Length - 14cm 

      Width - 14cm 

      Height - 6cm 

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