A soap-dish inspired and created from a rock found on the shores of the Holy Loch, Argyll, Scotland. Completely handcrafted from start to finish by myself. Each piece will vary slightly in shape and where glaze is applied making the plates entirely unique. 


The Holy Loch soap-dish is glazed in a celedon and transparent glaze. The glaze can pool on the inside of the bowl leaving a deep green or burnt orange colour. It can also have a crackle effect but not all of them end up with this. 


There is three holes in the soap-dish which allow water to drain through them. On the underside there is a small semi circular hole on the footring which allows water to drain out from under the dish. 

The glazes used are foodsafe. 

Holy Loch Rocky Soapdish

  • Dishwasher safe, handwash recommended. 

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