I have paired up with Dimwicks of Ayrshire who use only the finest essential oils and natural, sustainable ingredients. Dimwicks is dedicated to artisan, small batch cold process soap. Completely ethical, fully natural and entirely guilt free.  I have chosen to stock their Peppermint and Tea Tree soap as it smells amazing and looks great within one of my soapdishes. (It fits within all the soap-dishes I offer) - "The ultimate wake up call, our peppermint and tea tree soap is the bomb for freshness and minty clean fragrance. In stark black and white, with a little activated charcoal antioxidant this handy little bar is as cleansing as it is frosty"  "Peppermint - Peppermint is well known to support the respiratory system. Perfect for a crisp blast of cooling fragrance.  Tea Tree - Perfectly complimenting the peppermint, tea tree essential oil is great for the skin and helps support your immune system."The perfect addition to a Spicer Ceramics soap-dish as a gift or for yourself!

Dimwicks Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap

  • Water

    Palm Oil 

    Coconut Oil

    Olive Pomace


    Shea Butter

    Peppermint Essential Oil 

    Tea Tree Essential Oil 

    Activated Charcoal 

    Sodium Lactate 

  • 7 X 7 X 2 cm