The Inverbervie collection is inspired by rocks at Inverbervie Beach on the coastal trail between Aberdeen and Dundee. Inverbervie, further down the coast from Stonehaven was another place I visited on my road trips for my degree show project.


I studied Inverbervie coast area and surroundings. It was very different to Stonehaven, lush green hills surrounded the area and some of the stones on the beach had vibrant green algae and seaweed on them. The rocks that I studied at Inverbervie beach were more angular and unusual in shape, however they all fit together as a collection.


For the glaze on my Inverbervie Collection I definitely wanted to incorporate the green shades that I was drawn to with being there and photographing the location. I use a rainforest green colour which enhances the texture on the ceramic piece as well as giving a transparent result.  


Within the Inverbervie collection there is a plate, bowl and smaller plate. The Inverbervie collection can be both decorational and functional. They are eye-catching and tactile, will make a statement piece in your home or they can be used to hold food. The glazes are food-safe making it perfectly safe to do so. 


Each plate & bowl is hand pressed by myself, creating a completely unique and natural form. Not one piece is identical and marks of the process will be different on each piece. With any of the Inverbervie collection a postcard will be sent explaining a little about my process and Inverbervie.