I created the Holy Loch Collection while assisting Sea-Drift Pottery in Dunoon. Pauline at Sea-Drift let me help her complete the daily tasks of running a studio while allowing me to have time to work on my own practice after graduating from Grays School of Art. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to help Pauline as I learned a lot from being in a successful working pottery. 

When travelling to Dunoon from Troon I would drive to the ferry terminal then cycle across. The scenery is beautiful. I would cycle along to the studio along the road which went along the Holy Loch. The inspiration that I got from this location was too good not to create a collection from. 

The Holy Loch Collection is inspired by stones on the Holy Loch. The scenery is one of a kind, surrounded by trees and rolling hills on one side and the Holy Loch on the other.


I wanted to have a go at making something more functional from the Stones shape and texture so I decided to look into making soap-dishes. I decided to design two soap dishes alongside a wider bowl which sit comfortably with each other. The rocks that I found were the perfect size and shape for what I envisioned. I am very excited about this collection as the soap-dishes were something new for me to trial and the result is more than what I imagined. 

The Stonehaven Soap-dishes can be used in the bathroom or the kitchen and make for a unique artistic piece within the home. The Holy Loch soap-dishes are larger than the Stonehaven soap-dishes therefore can be used your shower tray, the edge of your bath or if you have a larger sink-top they would work perfectly.


Each soap dish and bowl is hand pressed by myself, creating a completely unique and natural form. Not one piece is identical and marks of the process will be different on each piece. With each piece I send out a postcard explaining a little about my process and the place that inspired me.