My name is Hannah Spicer. In 2012 I moved to Aberdeen to study Architecture at Robert Gordon University. Having completed two years of studying architecture, I realised that my passion for art and model making was not being used to it’s full potential.  For this reason, I decided to switch to a degree in Three Dimensional Design at Grays School of Art. With doing so, I discovered a passion for ceramics and as such, focused my final year on this topic.


With having lived in a coastal town for as long as I can remember, the seaside has become a feature throughout my work as a ceramicist. Having moved to the East coast for university, I continued to use the coastal attributes as my inspiration for the initial design process.  A such, the designs of my work set out to mimic natural formations found at the seaside.


Achieving intricate moulds and samples for the basis of my ceramics involved travelling to a range of beaches stretching along the East coast. With doing so, I collected a variety of samples from rock textures and forms. The samples were made into moulds, and the final piece was created from a press moulding process by hand.


Throughout the design procedure, the primary objective is to maintain the natural shape of the rock. I aspire to create ceramic ware which truly captures the organic texture of the original stone. I believe that I have achieved this, and with doing so, my work is shown to mirror the Scottish coast.


Having created and displayed my work at various events, comments have been made regarding just how unique and tactile the stoneware is. I am proud to be the sole creator, designer and maker of the ceramic ware which I produce. At present, I am living on the West coast of Scotland and working on a new range which will be designed using the same process, though focus will be made on a new Scottish location.  

Whilst continuing with my mould work I am also slowly building up my ability to throw pieces on the wheel. I enjoy the freedom that the pottery wheel gives my work as it is a completely different pace of working compared to hand moulding work. 


I have just recently moved into a new studio which is very exciting as I can continue developing my skills and practice. I hope to in the future to work full time in my ceramic business. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions, requests or enquiries. 


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